Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Inspiration Lost and Found

What will they sing about?
What will they write about?
Now their messiah has been crowned king
and all their troubles are ended?

How will they survive without the fury
that fueled them for so long?
Those champions of peace who
peddled their own version of war
in hate-saturated voices and
spewed their angst until our ears
rang with the violence of their words.

Their hero lauded and
the moment of jubilation passed,
they awake from victory to
find themselves bereft of
inspiration, deflated of purpose.
Words of beauty and love are a
foreign language their lips
have forgotten how to form.

While we who live peace and
strive to love all human kind
still find inspiration and
see beauty in our daily lives.
We will keep singing.
We will keep writing.
And in their silence
maybe we will be heard.

We have always known it is folly
to pin such hope on mortal man.
For one day, the facade will wear thin and
they will realize that tyranny has many
faces and evil more than one brand.
On that day, beware, messiah, beware
for they will find their tongues again.

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