Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pet Milk Project -- "The Stranglehold"

The long awaited release of the Pet Milk Project has finally arrived! Conceived by Kelli Burton, this collaboration of writers, artists, and musicians culminated in a literary magazine, art exhibit, and CD that was unveiled tonight at the Arts Place in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. The event was well-attended. In fact, all the copies of the magazine and accompanying CD sold out before the end of the show.

One of my poems--"The Stranglehold"--was included in the magazine and was the inspiration for artwork by Allison NeCamp (image above) and a song by Fanged Robot, track #3 on the CD. For those of you who were not able to attend the event or arrived too late to get a copy of the magazine and CD, here is the poem:

The Stranglehold

Callous hands around my throat
choking out my livelihood
I struggle and kick
but they squeeze tighter
only relenting long enough for
me to gasp noxious fumes

The people around do
nothing to stop them

Most rush past and
pretend not to see
shielding the bruises on
their own necks, convinced
there is no alternative

I'm just another poor soul
flailing in the dirty street

Others glide by unscathed
their pockets bulging with
profit from my distress
dollar signs in their eyes
blocking out my contorted face

I'm just another poor soul
gouged by selfish gain

I can't hold out much longer
the world is turning black
soon I will be finished
discarded on the road
Big oily handprints
left behind on my neck

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Non-ode to a Copier

Man created a monster,

A mechanical beast
intended to serve convenience
purpose-altered to frustrate
the hard-working masses
and thwart efficiency.

With feigned collation
the beast begins a task
and suddenly balks, pain
stapled on its face, task lost
within twisted entrails.

So thoroughly hidden
as to stymie even the
most skilled technician,
trained in the science of
mechanical manipulation.

The beast refuses to work
until every whim has been
met and once working,
produces pages crinkled and
streaked from effort.

Man created a monster.