Saturday, January 31, 2009

Queen Mab Has Been With Me

Mab is waiting,
biding her time with fingers poised,
waiting for my eyes to close.

I fight to stay awake.
Her nearness soothes, lulls,
opiating the darkness
until sleep enshrouds me.

Barely conscious, I
attempt to evade, but
the ground is sand--
loose and crumbling.
Her fingers overtake me easily,
clutching with paralyzing grasp.

My mind numbs.
I am slave to her nocturnal deity,
pliantly tasting the visions
concocted from her arsenal of
romance, insanity, and terror.

Into my sleep-steeped brain
she ladles the chaotic brew,
flavored with emotions strong enough
to taint the first few hours
of my waking day.

She reigns supreme until
daybreak loosens her tyranny and
I struggle in her grasp, finally
pulling myself awake, shaking
away illusions clinging like cobwebs.

I curse her power to
rob me of peace, of rest,
and plan anew night's escape.
Mab watches unfazed,
biding her time with fingers poised.