Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Critic

Anyone with a dream will have at least one critic in their lives--one voice that always has something negative to say.  Those who have aspirations in the creative arts will usually have more than one, maybe even many.  Although critics can sometimes be constructive, this poem is about a destructive one.  I wrote this poem a few years ago and those who read my original blog on My Space may remember it.  It is not autobiographical, just an expansion on a theme.  As of yet, I haven't experienced criticism to this magnitude. Unless I include myself, for I am my own worst critic.

The Critic

So quiet at the end
I thought you dead.
Then, out of the corner of my eye,
I saw your mouth curve
into smirk and knew
words would soon follow,
bruising self respect.

Deceived I was to
imagine you passive while
I relished in success,
forgetting the scent of
accomplishment would
resurrect in an instant
your critic soul.

So now I quail under
your scrutiny and
brace for your blows.
When I'm bloody
maybe you'll die again.

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wes mullins said...

Very honest and pure. I know your sister Angie.
I am a writer myself and would like to keep in touch
@wesleymullins (twitter)