Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poem #17: A Duet Interrupted

Of the times I was able to hear my daughter's heartbeat, a couple of them were via a doppler instrument at the doctor's office. The heartbeat is not as clear with this method as with an ultrasound and it can be difficult for them to "find" the baby's heartbeat. Sometimes when they were searching, we could hear my heartbeat instead. Mine was much louder and slower than the baby's quick heartbeat.

After coming home from the hospital, I thought of the connection between our two heartbeats as a kind of duet. Even though the beats were different, they were making music together. With her gone, this connection was severed and my heart went back to singing solo. In this poem, I use some musical terminology that everyone may not understand so I am including a small glossary at the end.
Glossary of Musical Terms

Adagio: slow and restful.
Allegro: lively and fast.
Alto: lowest of the female voices.
Cadence: sequence of chords/sounds that brings an end to a musical phrase or work.
Decrescendo: gradually decreasing in volume.
Duet: music with two voices or instruments.
Finale: movement or passage that concludes the music.
Forte: loud.
Lacrimoso: tearful and sad.
Measure: a rhythmic grouping containing a fixed number of beats. This is the basic unit of measurement for music. In the poem, one measure represents one week.
Pianissimo: very soft.
Rhapsody: an imaginative musical work.
Score: written music that shows all parts.
Solo: music with only one voice or instrument.
Soprano: highest female voice.

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