Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Thousand-Yen Christmas

With the pale light of morning, Christmas Day filtered into the chill of an Ogaki apartment. In a corner of the living room, lights twinkled on a small tree displaying a few ornaments that had eluded the reach of tiny, exploring hands. Beneath the tree lay a mound of Daiso gifts, purchased with an allowance of one thousand yen and wrapped with the truest of intentions. The family--a brother and sister reunited after months of separation along with their spouses and children--huddled around the kotatsu eating a Christmas dinner of ramen with chopsticks. After dinner, the brother pulled on a santa suit (unintentionally frightening the children) and passed out the gifts. Soon the festivities were punctuated with oohs and aahs at the treasures garnered from the Daiso. Once the gifts had been admired properly and the colorful wrapping papper cleared away, the family once again settled around the kotatsu. This time to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. As the strains of "Christmastime Is Here" filled the chilly air, the sister felt a warm glow in her heart from being with family once again. The brother smiled and thought that this day had been worth traveling halfway around the world for.


Rick said...

So true. It was worth the journey, even London, to have the reunion! Thanks to my wife for enduring the sickness and stress of travel to get us all together. I hope the onsen was a just reward.

kilantra said...

I love it! I'm so glad my family was able to be here for Christmas! It wouldn't have been the same without them. Maybe next year we can all meet in NY! Jennifer would love that! xoxo Mel