Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Naming Convention

When going through the set-up yesterday, I had to choose a name for my blog. I sat there staring at the screen unable to think of one. So I decided to look at some of the poems I had posted on myspace for inspiration. In the archived poems, I found what I was looking for and "Versions of Chai" became the name of my blog.

"Versions of Chai" was born at Live Wire coffee shop (sadly no longer in existence) in downtown Richmond. I was there with my husband and sister to listen to a musician friend play that night. Each of us had ordered a different type of chai. As we sat sipping our drinks, my sister commented that we all had "different versions of chai." Right away I thought that sounded like a good topic for a poem. Here is the result:

Cup in hand
I contemplate the versions of chai
While the musician plays my request,
The one about the girl and the poem--
Her smooth facade.

My version is hot and steamy
Vanilla with espresso swirled inside
Like the dark layer concealed
Beneath my pale skin.

Her version is spiced and iced
So much flavor mixed with coolness.
You can have a taste
But she'll never let you in.

His version is blended like a milkshake
With whipped cream on top.
Forever young, everything
Is ice cream to him.

We each sip our own
Til the strains of acoustic guitar fade
And the versions of chai
Are replaced by applause.

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Anonymous said...

I love knowing how you named your blog!!